Everything I Know I Learned at the Opera

2 thoughts on “Everything I Know I Learned at the Opera”

  1. Well, please take note that the word “I” appears twice in this heading while “Opera” appears only once. While many of my posts will be about what I learned at the opera, I don’t want you to think that opera is all I’ll be writing about. I’ve been an opera fan since listening to the Met radio broadcasts from the late 40’s on, and I’ve attended as many performances as I can on two continents–so many I’ve lost count of them–and they have all been springboards for thinking about every kind of issue that’s hot in the world today. Be prepared to join me on a semi-random walk through our times as refracted through the lens of musical theater!


  2. The Thumbnail Photo shows me in my father’s arms a couple of Fourth of Julys before I heard my first opera, a Met broadcast of Die Walk├╝re near the end of World War II. I wasn’t too impressed and told my grandfather I preferred a hit tune of 1945, Sammy Kayes “Chickery Chick.”


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